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Since summer 2023, we have bundled our site acquisition activities under the new energieparkmakler brand to make it even easier for our partners and customers to provide sites for fast charging infrastructure.

We have made it our goal to identify and qualify sites suitable for fast charging infrastructure and to establish long-term partnerships between site owners and fast charging park operators. The focus of this effort is to educate and approach site owners and users, such as restaurant and petrol station operators or retail companies. We negotiate concession rights for and with them and broker them for leading operators of fast charging networks.

Let us find a sustainable maximization of returns for your properties, commercial or retail real estate through the professional marketing of your locations!

Take advantage of the opportunity: Leasing parking spaces for fast-charging infrastructure allows you to benefit from electromobility without having to make further investments yourself. Be a pioneer in this emerging market and offer your tenants and their customers convenient access to the charging infrastructure in the operator model.


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Overview of the range of services offered by energieparkmakler

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