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emobility - investment project & strategy assessment​

Investors, be they debt or equity providers, who want to invest in electric mobility need a comprehensive assessment of both the individual locations and the companies that implement and operate the fast charging infrastructure.
A well-founded basis for decision-making is crucial in order to maximize investment potential and identify risks at an early stage. We provide you with a holistic assessment that takes all relevant aspects into account and supports investors, regardless of their form of capital.

In addition to evaluating the locations, we place a special focus on the performance of the companies in terms of planning, implementation and operation of the charging infrastructure. Our experienced team carefully analyzes companies' business plans and execution capabilities to ensure investments can be implemented efficiently and successfully.

Our assessment offers both debt and equity providers a comprehensive insight into the potential of the investment. We help you to make informed decisions by assessing the risks and opportunities of the locations and companies. Regardless of whether you want to invest debt or equity, we support you in maximizing your investment potential and achieving the best possible return on investment.

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