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Location as a service

With over a decade of experience in e-mobility and successfully arranging partnerships between site owners, site tenants and charging network operators, we know what makes a successful relationship. A strong location partnership for fast charging infrastructure is characterized by transparent and focused relationship building.
We understand the location situation and recognize the opportunities for our partners. Although IT tools can help to find and evaluate potential locations, the success of a partnership rests on specific criteria that technological tools cannot take into account.


Our consultants therefore develop each location partnership individually, based on our ranking system (greenventors-Index©), clear process steps and personal support right from the start. After developing a coordinated location strategy, our consultants identify suitable locations based on validated criteria and personal examination. They use their extensive experience and hold direct discussions with all relevant stakeholders. Our work focuses on the specific needs of e-mobility enthusiasts and the clear use case, which we define together with our customers in a strategic consultation.

Our approach enables our customers to offer locations for fast charging infrastructure as "Location as a Service" in a unique complete package. We accompany the project beyond the conclusion of the contract and, with experienced rollout managers, ensure that the locations are implemented quickly and satisfactorily for all partners.

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