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Digital Transformation in Emobility

 In today's rapidly evolving world of emobility, understanding the interplay between technology and business models is paramount. In this special episode of "Behind the Scenes," we dive deep into the world of digital transformation in emobility, exploring the innovations and challenges faced by industry leaders. Joining us are two pioneers in the field, Gianluca Corbellini, CEO and co-founder of Hive Power, and Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer founder and CEO of greenventors. Gianluca Corbellini is a visionary in smart grid technologies with a rich background in mathematical engineering, renewable energy, and smart cities. Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer's expertise in digital transformation and emobility is grounded in practical experience and academic research, notably through his work on platforms like and hubject's intercharge ecosystem. Together, they represent the cutting edge of innovation and strategy at the interface between emobility and the digital world. They will share their insights, experiences, and visions for the future.  


Gianluca Corbellini (CEO & co-founder Hive Power) & Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer (CEO greenventors)
Gianluca Corbellini (CEO & co-founder Hive Power) & Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer (CEO greenventors)

Welcome to another episode of 'Behind the Scenes'. Today, we have two seasoned managers and founders with us: Gianluca Corbellini and Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer. Both are at the forefront of emobility developments, working passionately with their teams and customers. Gianluca, let's start with you. Could you share your connection to emobility and the vision behind Hive Power?

Gianluca Corbellini:  Certainly. From the onset of my career, I've been deeply involved in the energy sector's evolution. Hive Power's vision is to revolutionize how energy communities and smart grids operate. Emobility is a pivotal piece of this vision, bridging renewable energy sources to the end consumer.

That's intriguing. Can you delve deeper into Hive Power's solutions and how they're influencing emobility?

Gianluca Corbellini:  Of course. Our platform, especially our AI-Engine FLEXO, is designed to optimize everything connected to the power grid. This ensures a more efficient energy use, paramount for electric vehicle charging. For instance, our solutions can predict peak demand times and adjust charging schedules accordingly, ensuring grid stability while reducing costs for end-users.


Everything is interconnected; the digital layer is increasingly gaining significance in emobility
Everything is interconnected; the digital layer is increasingly gaining significance in emobility.

Dr. Pfeiffer, I've had the opportunity to read parts of your dissertation, which you presented five years ago. It provided a deep dive into the integration of digital technologies like the one of Hive Power into business models. Could you elaborate on its relevance and how it ties into today's discussion?

Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer:  My dissertation, while presented five years ago, draws from my experiences in the young emobility sector since 2008, including multiple research projects and practical work experience in establishing technology platforms like and intercharge. Even back then, central requirements for technology transformation and the interplay between digital technologies and their translation into 'entrepreneurial reality' were evident. It's essential to understand that I'm not just a theorist. Rather, I love making business models even more successful through digital technology. My dissertation substantiated and academically underpinned my practical experience, showcasing the synergy between theory and real-world applications. In my further career as VP Emobility at E.ON and as CCO at a sustainability investor, the results of my theoretical work at RWTH have served me well.


Given the rapid advancements in the sector, what do operators and solution providers of charging infrastructure need to consider?

Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer:  From my perspective, scalability, flexibility, and user experience are key. As the number of electric vehicles grows, the infrastructure must adapt. This is where solutions like Hive Power's come into play. They offer the adaptability and efficiency required for operators to provide a seamless charging experience. Especially when advising companies in the energy and mineral oil industry, I realize time and again how important it is to know the possibilities of the digital world, to have the right tools and mindset in the team and to use these in a targeted manner in order to implement business models that are successful and can really scale.


Mr. Corbellini, from your perspective, why should solution providers consider integrating a solution like Hive Power's?

Gianluca Corbellini: Today's emobility landscape demands solutions that are not only efficient but also adaptive. Our platform offers real-time adaptability, ensuring that as user patterns change, the infrastructure can adjust. This not only enhances user experience but also ensures optimal energy consumption, leading to cost savings.


Many EV drivers are keen on understanding the tangible cost savings and practical benefits they can expect. Could you elaborate on how Hive Power's solutions address these concerns?

Gianluca Corbellini: Of course. At the heart of Hive Power's solutions are dynamic pricing and demand response. By predicting peak demand times, our AI-Engine FLEXO adjusts charging schedules, allowing EV drivers to capitalize on off-peak rates, leading to substantial cost savings. Additionally, our system ensures optimized charging by analyzing user patterns and grid conditions. This not only prolongs battery life but also ensures that EVs are charged efficiently, further reducing costs and enhancing the overall user experience.

Scheduling charging, gaining transparency, and cost optimization by digital data and applications
Scheduling charging, gaining transparency, and cost optimization by digital data and applications.

It's evident that both of you, as experienced managers and founders, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. How do you see the collaboration between tech providers and consulting firms in this domain?

Gianluca Corbellini: Collaboration is key. While we provide the technological solutions, companies like Greenventors bring market context and understanding. It's about forging synergies to deliver maximum value.

Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer:  Exactly. It's not just about having stellar technology. It's about how this technology is integrated into genuine business solutions. An objective third-party perspective, especially from a experienced as well as entrepreneurial consultant, is crucial.


Dr. Pfeiffer, considering the potential of a solution like Hive Power's, what steps should providers take beyond merely identifying its potential to successfully implement such a solution?

Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer: That's a crucial question. Identifying the potential of a solution is just the starting point. First and foremost, there needs to be a clear understanding of the specific needs and challenges of the provider's infrastructure and customer base. This ensures that the solution is tailored to address these specific needs.

Secondly, there should be a comprehensive integration plan. This involves technical integration, ensuring that the solution seamlessly fits into the existing infrastructure, and also operational integration, training the staff and ensuring that there are clear protocols in place.

Furthermore, continuous monitoring and feedback loops are essential. This ensures that the solution is not only implemented but also optimized over time, adapting to changing conditions and user behaviors.

Lastly, I believe that communication is key. Both internal stakeholders and end-users should be kept informed about the benefits of the new solution, ensuring buy-in and maximizing its utilization and impact. This also includes adapting the solution if necessary.


As we wrap up this enlightening conversation, it's evident that the future of emobility hinges on the seamless integration of innovative technologies with strategic business models. Both Mr. Corbellini and Dr. Pfeiffer have underscored the importance of collaboration, adaptability, and a deep understanding of market needs. Their shared passion and commitment to driving change in the sector are truly inspiring. As the landscape of electromobility continues to evolve, it's clear that visionaries like them will be at the helm, guiding us towards a more sustainable and efficient future.



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