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Erik Elektro and the children of sustainability

Introduction to the play by Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer and Sebastian Jagsch

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, dear readers of “Behind the Scenes”

Welcome to a very special performance. My name is Andreas Pfeiffer and I am here with my colleague Sebastian Jagsch. In 2023 we have our “Behind the Scenes” series. began, in which we immersed ourselves deeply in the world of electromobility and sustainable transformation. Tonight we go one step further and present you a unique play, created with the support of #ChatGPT, that takes the core content and themes of our series and transforms them into a captivating narrative.

Our piece, "Erik Elektro and the Children of Sustainability", takes you on a journey through the dynamic world of electromobility, a world that sits at the intersection of technology, innovation and sustainability. At greenventors we have made it our mission to build the bridge between vision and reality. As my colleague Sebastian Jagsch can report from his experience in the automotive industry, technological innovations are not just about new products, but also about the transformation of business models - a key aspect of reacting flexibly to new developments and continuously striving for improvements.

Our guiding principle at greenventors is to represent the spirit of invention and implementation in the field of green energy and mobility transformation. In view of climate change, it is particularly important for us to support companies on their path to greater sustainability. As an independent management consultancy, we actively support our customers from the energy, oil and real estate sectors on their way to becoming #netzero.

In our piece tonight you'll see these principles unfold in the fictional world of Erik Elektro. You will witness how characters from different perspectives – economics, ecology and social justice – come together to shape a shared future in electromobility. We hope that you will be inspired by this presentation and gain insights into the diverse aspects of electromobility and its role in our society.

We wish you an entertaining and informative evening. Thank you for being here today to share this journey with us



Our play unfolds in a constantly changing world of electromobility. It explores the challenges and opportunities that arise from balancing economics, ecology and social justice. The focus is on Erik Elektro, a fictional electric vehicle driver who sets out on a journey to discover the true meaning of sustainability in his world. Natura, sustainability personified, accompanies him. Their three children, Wirtschaftia, Ökologia and Sozia, represent different aspects of sustainability and are in a constant competition for the recognition of their mother Natura.


Act I: “The Contest of Ideals”


Welcome to the journey of discovery into the world of electromobility! In this play we delve into the fascinating world of electromobility and explore how it can shape our future. Our goal is to present this complex topic in an understandable and entertaining way.

Scene 1: The meeting 

- Participants: Erik Elektro, Natura, Wirtschaftia, Ökologia, Sozia.

- Plot: Erik and Natura meet in a busy, futuristic marketplace. Natura introduces her children, who each present their visions for a sustainable future. Economia talks about efficiency and costs, Ökologia about protecting the environment, and Sozia about fair access to mobility. Erik is fascinated and asks critical questions that challenge the children to think deeper about their views.


Scene 2: The Expert Council 

- Participants: Gianluca Corbellini, Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer, Marc Rogowski, Dr. Carsten Suckrow, Carolin Paech.

- Plot: The scene shifts to a modern conference stage where the experts share their insights. Corbellini and Pfeiffer discuss the latest developments in smart grid technologies and their importance for eMobility. Marc Rogowski observes the interactions and takes notes in order to later act as a coach and deepen the discussion.


Scene 3: The conflict 

- Participants: All characters from the previous scenes.

- Plot: The discussion in the marketplace becomes more lively as the experts and children defend their views. A constructive conflict arises in which everyone tries to present their perspective as the most important. Marc Rogowski steps in to moderate the dialogue and ensure all voices are heard.

Share your thoughts: We invite you to share your thoughts and perspectives in the comments. Which aspect of sustainability appeals to you most?


Act II: “The Challenge of Reality”


In the second act we focus on the practical challenges of electromobility. We delve into the world of infrastructure, organizational hurdles and industry perspectives.

Scene 1: The reality of the infrastructure 

- Participants: Markus Klein, Maria Bouillet, Armin Humer, Carolin Paech.

- Plot: The scene takes place in a virtual model of a city. Klein and Bouillet discuss the complexities of building a fast charging network. They discuss the challenges regarding resources, logistics and personnel. Humer and Suckrow bring their practical experiences and discuss how these challenges can be overcome in reality.


Scene 2: Organizational hurdles 

- Participants: Marc Rogowski, Mathias Wiecher, Dr. Carsten Suckrow.

- Plot: Marc Rogowski leads a coaching session in an office complex. It helps participants develop effective strategies for team culture and organizational development. This interactive session aims to find innovative solutions for Erik Elektro by leveraging the strengths of each expert.


Scene 3: The perspective of the industry 

- Participants: All characters from Act II.

- Plot: The scene shifts to a factory hall, where Große and Wiecher report on the challenges and successes in integrating electromobility into commercial fleets. Suckrow shares his insights on how traditional energy companies can support the transition to eMobility.

Share your thoughts: What challenge do you consider to be in the field of electromobility most difficult to solve?


Act III: "The Synthesis of Visions"


In the final act we experience how the different perspectives and ideas merge into a common vision.

Scene 1: The realization 

- Participants: Erik Elektro, Natura, their children.

- Plot: In a quiet, natural environment, Erik and Natura reflect on the discussions so far. They recognize that a harmonious interaction of different perspectives is the key to a sustainable future.


Scene 2: The Union of Ideas 

- Participants: All characters from the previous acts.

- Plot: All the characters come together in the marketplace. Under the leadership of Marc Rogowski, they are jointly developing an integrative approach that takes into account the various aspects of sustainability. The atmosphere is characterized by mutual respect and collaboration.


Scene 3: The outlook into the future 

- Participants: All characters.

- Plot: The scene ends with a vision of a sustainable city. All characters share their hopes and dreams for the future. They say goodbye with a feeling of anticipation and the realization that only through collaboration and mutual support can a sustainable and just world be created.

Share your thoughts: Like Do you imagine a sustainable future?


Final word:

The piece ends with an inspiring outlook on the future, where electric mobility, supported by technological innovation, economic considerations and social justice, leads the world into a more sustainable era. It leaves the audience with the message that each individual has a role to play in this transformation and that collective efforts pave the way to a better future.


Finally, we would like to especially thank all of our partners who have made our work in 2023 so enriching. A big thank you also goes to our interview partners from the series 'Behind the Scenes', who made up a significant part of our play this evening. Our thanks also extend to the incredible team at greenventors & energy park broker. Not to be forgotten are the family members who support our vision of electromobility and make an indispensable contribution to our success. Your support and commitment are the foundation of our shared journey towards a more sustainable future.

Personal register:

Erik Elektro – A fictional electric driver, curious and open to new ideas.

Natura – The personification of sustainability, mother of three children.

Ekonomia – Symbolizes economic interests and efficiency.

Ökologia – embodies environmental awareness and ecological sustainability.

Sozia – Stands for social justice and fairness.

Gianluca Corbellini – expert in smart grid technologies and renewable energies.

Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer – specialist for digital transformation and electromobility.

Marc Rogowski – psychologist and organizational developer.

Armin Humer – sustainability manager, expert for sustainable transport solutions​​.

Dr. Carsten Suckrow – Head of EV Fleet & Depot Division, specialist for e-mobility in fleets​​.

Carolin Paech – expert for funding programs and charging infrastructure.

Dr.-Ing. Ronald Große – expert for electromobility at Meffert AG.

Markus Klein – specialist in setting up fast charging stations.

Mathias Wiecher – Chief Commercial Officer at E.ON Drive.

Manuel Fernandes – Senior Consultant & Advisor.

Joan Sardo – Marketing Manager Circontrol S.A.

Sebastian Jagsch, Maria Bouliett, Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer – Helping spirits who support the main actors but do not interact directly with Erik.



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