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Fast-charging parks from operator's point of view: user experience & economic efficiency in harmony

Behind the scenes with Maria Bouillet and Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer

Maria Bouillet und Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer im Interview
Maria Bouillet & Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer on the harmony of user experience and economic efficiency in HPC parks.

In this episode of our "Behind the Scenes" series, we talk to Maria Bouillet, Senior Advisor, and Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer, CEO and founder of greenventors GmbH. They give us an insight into their work by showing how they support operators of charging stations to develop and implement an optimal user experience for fast charging of electric vehicles without neglecting the aspects of economic efficiency.

Operators are often heavily involved in operational & daily details and appreciate working with us to get fresh input and active help with implementation. Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer

Thank you very much for being here today. Could you start by explaining what factors, in your view, make up a perfect user experience when it comes to fast charging electric vehicles?

Dr. Pfeiffer: A perfect user experience includes several key factors: the right choice of location, the availability and variety of charging stations, fast-charging options, robust and thus reliable infrastructure, good accessibility, safety measures, fair, transparent pricing, and an efficient maintenance plan. However, in our view, high-quality customer service in operation is also particularly important, as it determines the ultimate acceptance of the offering.

How does greenventors support operators in creating these optimal conditions and operating them economically?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Operators are often deeply involved in operational details and daily business. They appreciate working with us to get new input and active support during implementation. As a partner with market and practical experience, we provide operators with advice and support. In this way, we support them in planning and optimizing their charging infrastructure. This starts, for example, in the planning phase when selecting a location with our greenventors-index. This index provides comprehensible and independent assessments of potential locations with regard to their suitability as fast-charging parks. Furthermore, due to our broad and deep practical experience in network planning, we can provide valuable advice for the concrete implementation and simplify the communication with the network operator at eye level. Our technical experts are available to assist in the selection of the right systems and components, and thus also provide important information at short notice in order to make the right decision. Beyond the operating phase of a charging park, we advise on service strategies and support their implementation.

With our greenventors-index, we provide a comprehensible and independent assessment for a real site in terms of its suitability as a fast-charging park. Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer

From your experience, what are the most important factors in site selection and how can a company benefit from working with greenventors in these areas?

Dr. Pfeiffer: From our market research, we have been able to identify critical factors in building a successful charging park. At greenventors we conduct detailed market analysis to understand the needs and preferences of potential users. This can range from expected charging speed to desired amenities. For example, for a client in a highly urbanized area, we found that users placed a high value on fast charging options and access to retail stores. These insights helped us design the greenventors-index. This helps design a customized charging park that meets the specific needs of electric drivers.

Ms. Bouillet, could you tell us more about how important high-quality customer service is in this area and what challenges there are in designing it?

Ms. Bouillet: From my own experience as a former operations manager at a charging station operator, I know that customer service is crucial when it comes to the acceptance and success of electromobility. Typical project issues in this area relate to the availability of support, be it via 1st level support - a 24/7 customer service hotline, live chat or a well-documented FAQ section-. The challenge is to make this service efficient and customer-centric. Increasing the first touch resolution rate - fixing problems on first contact - should be the goal here. But 2nd-level support is also important, because if a charging cable gets stuck, there needs to be a person who can help practically - preferably from their own experience. Digitally retrievable video tutorials can also be an easy-to-understand and practical help here!

At greenventors, we work with operators to define and optimize their customer service strategies by bringing best practices and innovative solutions from our real-world experience. Maria Bouillet

And how do you support operators in this regard?

Ms. Bouillet: At greenventors, we help operators define and optimize their customer service strategies. We bring in best practices from our own practical experience and develop innovative solutions together with the customer. In doing so, our goal is to ensure that both our customers and electric drivers receive help quickly and effectively. Our goal is to make electric drivers feel safe and well taken care of. This includes ensuring that operators collect data on customer experiences in a structured manner, document problem solutions, and thus optimize charging experiences for their customers based on data.

Dr. Pfeiffer: Let me add, that we believe that data is a vital ingredient for constant progression. By analyzing usage data, we can determine, for example, when the peak usage times are and whether there are patterns in usage behavior. Based on this, we can then make recommendations for flexible pricing models or adjustments in operations. Our experience and data-driven approach enable us to develop tailored solutions for our customers that maximize their success in this growing market.

Dr. Pfeiffer, you mentioned various measures that help improve the user experience when fast charging electric vehicles. How do these measures affect the economic efficiency of the charging park? At first glance, they appear to be a cost factor.

Dr. Pfeiffer: Indeed, these measures initially require investment. But we see them more as investments in customer satisfaction and thus in the long-term profitability of the charging park. An improved user experience can lead to higher usage of the charging stations, which increases revenue. In addition, a satisfied customer can become a returning customer and even attract new customers through word of mouth. In addition, excellent customer service can help resolve issues quickly, minimizing costly downtime. Therefore, we believe that these investments in improving the user experience will ultimately have a positive impact on the business case of fast-charging park.

Thank you, Maria Bouillet and Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer, for these valuable insights. It is encouraging to see how much value greenventors places on a good user experience when fast charging electric vehicles. We are looking forward to future developments in this area.


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