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Green innovations and sustainable transformation: a look into the heart of greenventors

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Behind the scenes with Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer and Sebastian Jagsch, founders of greenventors GmbH

Dr. Pfeiffer, Mr. Jagsch, you are the founders of greenventors, a company passionate about green energy and sustainable mobility. Could you please tell us why you founded greenventors and what gap you wanted to fill in the industry?

Dr. Pfeiffer: My first experience with founding a start-up for a municipal utility is now more than a decade ago. Through this and many subsequent experiences, it became clear to me that the combination of emobility, information technology and renewable energies has enormous potential from an economic as well as ecological perspective. But many companies are unsure how to use these new opportunities for themselves. This is where we come in with greenventors: We want to help others recognize the potential of these forward-looking technologies and implement them successfully.

Mr. Jagsch: My career began in the automotive industry, where I was able to experience first-hand the impact of innovations on established business models. This led me to focus on the area of technological innovation and I was fortunate enough to be involved in the successful creation of several start-ups. These experiences showed me how important it is to react flexibly to new developments and to continuously look for improvements. At greenventors, we bring this mindset to the table and help our customers take full advantage of the opportunities created by new technologies and business models.

Dr. Pfeiffer, what is the guiding principle behind greenventors and how do you support companies on their way to sustainability?

Dr. Pfeiffer: At greenventors, we represent the spirit of invention and implementation in the green energy and mobility transition. In view of climate change, it is particularly important for us to accompany companies on their way to greater sustainability. As an independent management consultancy, we actively support our clients from the energy, petroleum and real estate industries on their path to #netzero.

Can you tell us more about the team of experts at greenventors?

Dr. Pfeiffer: At the heart of greenventors is a dedicated team of highly qualified experts in the fields of sustainability, renewable energy and digitalization of energy systems. Our strategy and product development is based on creativity, in-depth expertise and the many years of practical experience of our multidisciplinary team.

Mr. Jagsch, how does greenventors approach technological innovation and business model transformation?

Mr. Jagsch: greenventors is driven by a great enthusiasm for technological innovation and business model transformation. Our experienced consultants support companies in planning and implementing innovative products, processes and strategies. Together, we want to shape what is possible right now and go beyond that.

Mr. Jagsch, what are the challenges your customers face when implementing electric vehicle charging infrastructure?

Mr. Jagsch: Our customers from the energy and mobility industry are often busy expanding, accelerating or realigning their business or technology for electric vehicle charging. However, the implementation of charging infrastructures is a complex task that requires the creation of organizational prerequisites and a deep understanding of technology and regulatory requirements. This is particularly challenging in the start-up phase or when reorganizing the business unit.

Dr. Pfeiffer, could you please explain what role interim management plays for companies and what factors have contributed to your personal success in this role?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Interim management is a critical factor for companies in times of change or realignment. It brings in external expertise and a fresh perspective. My role with a large petroleum company was successful because I was able to bring both leadership and technical depth. The challenge with interim management is to quickly immerse yourself in the corporate culture while maintaining the necessary distance to make objective decisions. At greenventors, we make sure that interim management is always tailored to the needs of the company.

Mr. Jagsch, why is innovation potential often not leveraged in existing structures or even in corporate startups and what is greenventors doing to change this?

Mr. Jagsch: Grown structures and even corporate startups often encounter challenges in tapping innovation potential. This can be due to a number of factors, including a rigid corporate culture, a lack of resources or competencies, and a lack of the necessary agile processes and structures that are essential for innovation.

At greenventors, we understand these challenges and have developed methods to overcome them. We help companies rethink their existing processes, adopt agile methodologies, and foster a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. We also help companies develop and deploy the necessary skills and resources to fully exploit innovation potential. Our multidisciplinary expertise and enthusiasm for technological innovation make us a strong partner on this journey.

Dr. Pfeiffer, how do you support partners in the real estate industry in implementing their ESG strategies and why is your expertise in emobility and energy issues important?

Dr. Pfeiffer: We support our partners in the real estate industry as project and solution developers in the development and implementation of their ESG strategies. In addition, site owners and beneficial owners value our expertise in the valuation, portfolio development and brokerage of permits and land rights for emobility sites.



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