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In high gear: How emobility is an opportunity for the real estate industry

An Inside Talk with Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer in our "Behind the Scenes" series

Today we look at the role of the real estate industry in the emerging field of electromobility. The Gebäudeelektromobilitätsinfrastrukturgesetz (GEIG) (engl. Building Electric Mobility Infrastructure Act) of 2021 set a milestone for the expansion of charging infrastructures. This poses new challenges for site owners as well as fund and asset managers, but also opens up opportunities. Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer, founder of greenventors, supports this transformation with his team. In the run-up to the Power2Drive industry trade fair, he talks to us about the potential that electromobility offers for real estate owners and his experiences as the exclusive portfolio marketer for INTERSPORT.

Dr. Pfeiffer, emobility is on the rise. What does that mean for property owners, fund and asset managers?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Emobility offers many new opportunities for fund and asset managers. But it also presents them with challenges, such as providing the appropriate charging infrastructure. The GEIG, which came into force in 2021, will intensify this need.

How can fund and asset managers best meet the new challenges?

Dr. Pfeiffer: At greenventors, we believe that it makes sense to have an experienced and specialized partner at your side. As a matchmaker, we bring owners, fund or even asset managers together with operators of charging stations, who take over the business of charging services at sites in the operator model. In this way, site owners can retain their focus on their core business and at the same time, depending on the quality of the site, even profit from the increasing demand for electromobility by leasing parking spaces.

Why are operators of charging infrastructure willing to pay landowners rents in exchange for investing and operating chargers at specific sites?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Operators see great potential in the commercial sector, especially in the local supply segment. By operating on these sites, they can achieve high utilization of the charging infrastructure and thus profitability. Especially in the area of food retail and shopping centers, the necessary (shopping) can be combined with the useful (charging) - this is a "nobrainer" for many operators. However, we still know alternative partnership constellations that are promising to bring value to the involved parties.

Dr. Pfeiffer, you have already taken an in-depth look at emobility and its significance for real estate and real estate portfolios as new source of income. What role do the integration of local energy generation, energy storage and the design of local energy networks play in this context, especially against the backdrop of the "European Green Deal"?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Great question. Indeed, electromobility can serve as a catalyst for a greener and more efficient real estate sector. Local energy generation, such as through solar roofs, and energy storage can help improve the energy efficiency of buildings while supporting charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

Especially in large real estate complexes and in many larger portfolios, there is potential to establish local energy grids or even microgrids. These can not only meet the energy needs of the tenants themselves, but also feed surplus energy into the public grid or serve to supply electric vehicles.

The European Green Deal underlines the need for these changes and creates a legal and regulatory framework that promotes the implementation of such solutions. As a fund and asset manager, we have a central role in implementing this vision for a more sustainable future.

What makes Greenventors different from working directly with operators or, for example, building an own team?

Dr. Pfeiffer: As an independent and market-experienced matchmaker, we have deep knowledge on emobility, an extensive network and negotiating skills. We ensure that all relevant emobility specific criteria are met. Further, we take care of optimal contract terms and a smooth setup. Not only our customers appreciate this efficiency and security. Also, the chargepoint operators appreciate our clearly standardized and clean business foundation. A win-win for everyone! This is exactly the strength of greenventors.

Why exactly does it need a specialized matchmaker in emobility?

Dr. Pfeiffer: The complexity of an integrated and holistic solution in the context of emobility requires an experienced partner who can assess the capabilities of network partners and is focused on being properly positioned in the portfolio in the medium to long term. With our extensive industry knowledge and strong network, we can help fund and asset managers take full advantage of emobility and add sustainable value to their properties.

Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer (greenventors) Christoph Drucks (INTERSPORT Drucks)
Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer (greenventors) Christoph Drucks (INTERSPORT Drucks)

Can you give us a concrete example?

Dr. Pfeiffer: In our ongoing, exclusive portfolio marketing for the INTERSPORT Group, we act as matchmaker and handle the entire process. Both the company and the individual local retailers do not have to expend any effort to market their parking spaces for charging infrastructure.

The dealers generate additional revenue without having to invest themselves. They also benefit from the increased frequency and discoverability of their locations in charging apps, which gives the dealers a competitive advantage.

We take the burden off the dealers by identifying potential operators, conducting negotiations, and negotiating the best possible terms for the merchants. In doing so, we are always in close exchange with the dealers to ensure that the solutions meet their needs. By working with us, the issue of "GEIG" and the associated requirements for property owners are elegantly solved.

What is the reaction of the dealers or property owners?

Dr. Pfeiffer: The retailers are excited about how simple and straightforward the whole process is and how much they benefit from it. Not only financially, but also by improving their sustainable image and making it easier to compete, which, as we know, never sleeps. This experience shows how valuable greenventors' role as an independent partner and experienced matchmaker in the field of electromobility is.

I'm looking forward to the exchange at the upcoming Power2Drive on 6/14/2023 in Munich. It is an exciting time in the emobliity industry, and it is great to be part of it. I invite you to visit us there and learn more about our work.



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