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Emobility as an opportunity for the real estate industry

Electromobility is growing rapidly and changing the way we get around. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and conserve resources, which is steadily increasing their popularity. For property owners, however, the challenge arises of providing sufficient charging infrastructure.


The Building Electric Mobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG), which came into force on March 25, 2021, now makes it a legal requirement to provide electric mobility at sites. This obligation may initially appear to be a burden, but it offers property owners an opportunity to future-proof their properties and reap the benefits of electromobility.


Integrating charging stations makes residential and commercial properties more attractive to potential tenants or buyers and opens up the opportunity for owners to generate additional revenue by leasing parking spaces to professional operators. To make this process successful, it is advisable to involve an experienced broker with knowledge of the industry, an extensive network and negotiating skills in electric mobility.


By working with such a broker, property owners can save time and effort while the broker effectively represents their interests and increases the value of their property. It is therefore advisable to hire a professional partner with experience in electromobility to market parking spaces for fast-charging infrastructure.

Recognize and use opportunities

Become active now together with greenventors

Recognize and use opportunities

The GEIG is a key measure for driving forward e-mobility in Germany and making an important contribution to climate protection. By requiring property owners to install building-integrated charging stations, the law creates incentives for the electrification of transport. Increased use of electric vehicles can reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality in cities.

Recognizing the opportunity

Despite the challenges posed by the GEIG, property owners should not overlook the opportunity it presents. By investing in electric mobility infrastructure early on, they can gain a competitive advantage and make their properties more attractive. Demand for charging stations will continue to grow, and properties with a well-developed charging infrastructure will be preferred. This opens up opportunities for property owners to add sustainable value to their properties and make long-term investments.

Leasing parking spaces for fast charging infrastructure can meet GEIG requirements as well as tenant requirements. This offers property owners the opportunity to generate secure additional rental income without making their own investments or taking risks. By leasing your parking spaces to charging station operators, you benefit from the growing demand for electromobility and offer added value to your tenants.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Secure additional rental income without financial risks

  • No investment required, the operator takes over the infrastructure

  • Part of a growing market with increasing demand

  • Flexibility and scalability according to demand

Seizing opportunities

The Building Electric Mobility Infrastructure Act (GEIG) presents a challenge to property owners, but at the same time it offers an opportunity to future-proof their properties and reap the benefits of electric mobility. The obligation to provide charging stations may initially appear to be a constraint, but it enables property owners to make their properties more attractive and generate long-term revenue. Electromobility is unstoppable, and those who act early will benefit from the positive developments. Be part of this change and take advantage of the opportunity offered by the GEIG to prepare your properties for the mobility of the future.


Become active now with greenventors!

With our many years of experience in the field of energy and electromobility, we are ideally equipped to support property owners in implementing the GEIG. We offer in-depth expertise, individual solutions and accompany you step by step on the way to integrating an efficient and future-proof charging infrastructure in your buildings.


Take advantage of this opportunity: leasing parking spaces for fast-charging infrastructure allows you to benefit from electromobility without having to make large investments yourself. Make your parking spaces available and secure additional income for your property. Be a pioneer in this emerging market and offer your tenants convenient access to the charging infrastructure.


The time has come to take action and set the course for a sustainable future. GEIG offers you the opportunity to play your part in the energy transition and in promoting electromobility. Be a pioneer and shape an environmentally friendly and future-oriented mobility together with us. Act now and take advantage of the GEIG!

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