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Between Real Estate and Charging Networks: The vision of 'energieparkmakler by greenventors'

Today we have Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer, the owner and managing director of greenventors GmbH. He has been active in the field of electric mobility for more than 14 years and is extremely committed to facilitating the transition to sustainable mobility. Today we are talking about one of the matters close to his heart, namely finding attractive locations for fast charging infrastructure and making them available to operators. This mission is not only future-oriented, but also extremely important for customer friendliness and the success of electromobility. We will learn more about the work of Dr. Pfeiffer and his team and get a deeper insight into the role of greenventors GmbH and its new brand "energieparkmakler". But without further ado, let's dive into the interview and learn more about Dr. Pfeiffer's exciting work.

Listen to the post - here!

Welcome, Dr. Pfeiffer! It is our pleasure to have you here with us. We are very excited to learn more about the developments and goals of your newly founded brand "energieparkmakler by greenventors". Would you give us an insight into the motivations that led to the establishment of this new brand?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Gladly! With "energieparkmakler by greenventors" we would like to get even closer to our partners in the real estate industry. This involves real estate owners and asset managers as well as individual location owners and established "points of interest", such as tenants from retail or gastronomy, who are entitled to use them.

By using the term "broker" in the german name "energieparkmakler" (english: energy park broker) we clearly signal our role as an intermediary in the electromobility sector. Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer

That sounds very well thought out. How do you manage to get in touch with the real estate industry even more intensively with "energieparkmakler" and win the trust of those involved?

Dr. Pfeiffer: By using the term "makler" in "energieparkmakler" (english: energy park broker) we are clearly signaling our role as an intermediary in the electromobility sector. Brokers are established and respected in the real estate business, which inspires trust. At the same time, "energy park" stands for the up-and-coming field of emobility. This combination helps us to seamlessly interact with both the real estate industry and emobility players.

To what extent will the established business activities of greenventors be influenced by the new "energieparkmakler" brand? Will this change the focus of your work?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Not at all. greenventors continues to stand for competent support in the field of fast charging infrastructure and electromobility in general. With our experienced team, we are active in strategic and management-oriented consulting for companies in the energy and mineral oil industries, as well as for investors. In addition, we have expanded our expertise in the area of location assessment and, with the "greenventors location index", offer a transparent and comprehensible assessment tool for the suitability of locations for electromobility. The activities related to "energieparkmakler" thus represent more of a bundling of existing activities related to the establishment of long-term partnerships at locations and are also carried out by our team.

We see ourselves as a matchmaker who creates a win-win situation for all parties involved and thus accelerates the rollout of the fast charging infrastructure. Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer

You have stated that your goal is to establish long-term partnerships between site owners and operators of fast-charging parks. How do you achieve this?

Dr. Pfeiffer: We see ourselves as a matchmaker who creates a win-win situation for all parties involved and thus accelerates the rollout of the fast charging infrastructure. We provide the necessary knowledge to the site owners and partners in order to establish the best possible and fastest possible partnership between the operator and the site partner. Through this approach, we ensure the necessary trust, which is crucial for long-term partnerships, which often last more than 10 years. We ensure a sensible balance of interests so that nobody feels disadvantaged.

Can you tell us what role "energieparkmakler by greenventors" will play in the context of the German tender "Deutschlandnetz"?

Dr. Pfeiffer: With the establishment of our brand, we also provide a point of contact for site owners and operators. In the federal government’s “Deutschlandnetz” tender, which has been running for some time, the future operators had to submit potential locations for fast charging locations for over 900 search areas. With more than 400 participants, well over 900 location rights were certainly acquired. We have been successful as brokers for operators in this tender. But, from our perspective, it's crystal clear that not every location will actually be realized in the "Deutschlandnetz". Many excellent sites could remain unused. We want to change that! (more infos here)

Owners who own a site that has been secured by an operator and want to ensure that it is built, or those who find the "Deutschlandnetz" procedure with the federal government is taking too long can contact us turn around. We take care of the further marketing of your location professionally and competently. Dr. Andreas Pfeiffer

What exactly does your solution look like?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Owners who own a site that has been secured by an operator and want to make sure it gets built, or those who find the process with the federal government too long, can contact us. We take care of the further marketing of your location professionally and competently. We are also happy to support potential operators who did not emerge as winners or who have withdrawn from participation, independently and neutrally in the further marketing of secured site rights. Because every location counts!

Dr. Pfeiffer, you have been working in the field of electromobility for over 14 years. Is there a particular incident that illustrates the challenges or changes in this sector?

Dr. Pfeiffer: Oh, there are many stories! But one that particularly stuck in my memory happened about 3 years ago. I was on a business trip with my electric car. At that time, there were already some charging stations. I had carefully planned my route to make sure I could charge at each station. But at one point during my trip, I discovered that the only charging station in town was broken. It was late, and I was far from home, and the battery was unfortunately down to 5% remaining range. I had to get creative. Eventually, I found a hotel that was willing to charge my car overnight with a regular outlet. It was a long night, but it was also a wake-up call. It showed me the urgent need for reliable and widespread fast-charging infrastructure. This experience strengthened my resolve to further address, in particular, the area of site identification and mediation between operators and site owners. Ultimately, this experience, among others, led me to invent a solution like "energieparkmakler".

Thank you, Dr. Pfeiffer, for these insights! It seems as if energieparkmakler plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between site owners and operators and driving electromobility in Germany.

Dr. Pfeiffer: Thank you very much for the interview. We look forward to making our contribution to sustainable and efficient electric mobility in Germany.

In this episode we got insights into the interface between location owners and chargepoint operators. For site owners or authorized users who want to take advantage of electromobility without having to make significant investments themselves, Dr. Pfeiffer a particularly attractive option. It opens up the opportunity to benefit from this emerging market and at the same time provide tenants and their customers with convenient access to the charging infrastructure.

If you are a site owner looking to facilitate the transition to emobility, or an operator looking for suitable sites, now is the right time to take action. Visit the website and discover how you can benefit from this emerging movement. Let's shape the future of mobility in Germany together! Visit and become part of the solution!



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